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Shipping rates are not included in pricing and are based off your location. I use R+L Freight Co who not only are diligent at finding the lowest competitive pricing.

Shipping quotes are good for 3-4 working days but can vary day to day due to the fluctuation of the bidding market, so locking in a price quote is very important to ensure the quoted price and should be wired before booking can occur. Estimated Transit time varies, but on average usually takes 4-5 days.


As with any freight company, items can and do get damaged from time to time.

Insurance is available for an additional cost starting at $65 and up depending on the retail value of your purchase. Should damage occur during transit, there is a $500 deductible that you as the client are liable for. Please keep in mind that your item may not be repairable due to the rarity of the materials used to create the design, therefore a new design would need to be agreed upon once the insurance company has reimbursed you for the remaining amount owed.

Always open container before agent leaves to check your merchandise thoroughly. Should damage occur, contact me immediately to see if I can fix and return the item back to your. This mean that shipping agent would need to pack up and reload your piece to return.


Once paperwork has been signed and you have taken ownership of your new piece of art, you, the client assumes full responsibility for any damages that could occur from hence forth of the signed delivery date.

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